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Looking for your next project to voice act in? Have a project and looking for Voice Actors? Look no further than Voudio!

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Why Voudio?

Voudio checks every project before it is published, this ensures projects stand out and are genuinely ready for casting! No more wasting time waiting for scripts.

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Voice Talent

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As a voice actor, you can be sure to come across top quality projects, ready for casting! We look over every project submission before approving to ensure it is sufficiently filled out. You can also showcase all your work in a professional portfolio! Get your next casting by sharing your Voudio profile!

A Place for Projects

Create beautiful looking project pages. All submitted projects are vetted by our team to ensure only high quality and well planned projects are accepted. Don't worry, we're very 'hands off' with your project, we just check you've got all the relevant info for casting! This creates a sense of trust for anyone who sees your project on our site!